Next public workshop: 7th December 2016 (London)
Open Badges

What's on offer

Always tailored and never just off-the-shelf, workshops from Dynamic Skillset help you get from zero to hero in the time frame you specify. From half-day workshops featuring Open Badges, through to week-long 'sprints' to ship a digital skills curriculum, they provide rocket fuel for you and your organisation.


Working with organisations large and small

With clients including City & Guilds, Cambridge English, and London CLC, Dynamic Skillset works with organisations of every size. Doug has the expertise to go deep with small groups or wide with larger ones, bringing in colleagues from We Are Open co-op where required. You can expect session of fast-paced iteration mixed with reflective rabbit-hole discussions that come together to lead to deep, actionable insights.

Doug Belshaw

Your expert guide

Doug Belshaw is an 'Open Educational Thinkerer' who specialises in digital skills/literacies, alternative credentialing, and helping companies work more openly. Doug is a former teacher and senior leader in schools, who also has experience in Higher Education with Jisc, and internationally through his roles with Mozilla. Doug now coaches individuals and helps businesses, charities, educational institutions, and non-profits make sense of the 21st century education/technology/productivity landscape.

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Available globally

Either in-person or online, Doug is available to run your workshop wherever you're based. Interested? Great! The first step is to book a free 30-minute discussion. From there, Doug can tailor-make the perfect workshop for you and your organisation.