Doug Belshaw

Dr. Doug Belshaw

An Open Educational Thinkerer who specialises in digital skills/literacies, digital credentialing, and helping companies work more openly. Doug is a former teacher and senior leader in schools, who also has experience in Higher Education with Jisc, and internationally through his roles with Mozilla. Doug now coaches individuals and helps businesses, charities, educational institutions, and non-profits make sense of the 21st century education/technology/productivity landscape.

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Open Badges

Expertise in new forms of credentialing

Doug was a member of the original Mozilla Open Badges team and, for the past five years has been an advocate and expert in both technology behind badges and their uses in learning and performance. Dynamic Skillset is a member of the Open Recognition Alliance and Doug curates a bi-weekly newsletter on behalf of the community.

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The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies

Expertise in digital literacies

Doug wrote his doctoral thesis on digital literacies, providing a meta-analysis of many frameworks and approaches. He re-wrote this as a successful ebook outlining the eight 'Essential Elements of Digital Literacies'. Doug was Web Literacy Lead for the Mozilla Foundation from 2013 to 2015. In this role he estblished, built, and worked with a community of stakeholders to take the Web Literacy Map from v0.1 to v1.5.

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We Are Open Co-op logo

Part of a powerful co-operative

Dynamic Skillset is part of the We Are Open co-operative, combining a talented group of ex-Mozillians, visual thinkers, and software developers. We work collaboratively with clients to untangle problems, set ambitious yet manageable targets, and help them work more openly.

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More about Doug

Doug has an interesting and varied career, working in all sectors of education, as well as working with Mozilla on Open Badges and their Web Literacy Lead. Since then, he has become well-known as an advocate and strategist for new and alternative forms of accreditation, working with awarding organisations such as City & Guilds and Cambridge Assessment, as well as membership organisations, schools, and universities. Doug keynotes events and runs workshops, helping clients understand how to identify, develop, and credential digital skills.